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Safa Baig: Irfan Pathan’s wife, Career, Lifestyle and Marriage

Safa Baig

Safa Baig married Irfan Pathan in the year 2016. They are mostly in the spotlight due to their chemistry. They never fail to impress their fans due to adorable pictures on social media. Safa was just 21 years old when she got married to Irfan. She is also a prominent model and has often been seen in popular fashion magazines.

However, she does not have a personal social media account. Therefore we have collected some information about her to keep her fans updated through this article.

Personal Information of Irfan Pathan’s Wife

Full Name: Safa Baig Pathan

Date of birth: 28th February 1994

Height: 5 feet 5 inch

Place of birth: Jeddah in Saudi

Father’s name: Mirza Farooq Baig

Husband’s name: Irfan Pathan

Weight: 50 kg

Children: Imran Khan Pathan

Address: Vadodra in Gujrat


Early Life of Safa Baig

Safa was born on the 28th of February in the Azizyah district of Saudi Arabia. Her father was a businessman. He gave his daughter a lavish lifestyle since her childhood. However, he did instill in his daughter modesty. She was an ambivert. She went to the International Indian School in Jeddah.

Safa has four more sisters. It was not easy for her to continue her passion for modeling. This is because her family was an orthodox Muslim family. However, her burning passion and support from her mother helped her to pursue a career of her choice.

Apart from modeling she also had a keen interest in art. She was very good at nail painting and picked that up from an early age.

The career of Irfan Pathan Wife

Saif Baig has always been a very ambitious girl. She crossed many hurdles in her life to reach where she is today. Her first hurdle in life was her orthodox family background. Although her family supported her in her dreams, her relatives were not happy. After this, she had to face immense competition in her modeling career.

However, she crossed all the hurdles and soon started appearing in the top magazines. She was not just satisfied with this. She worked hard and became an executive editor at a PR firm. She also kept her interest in art alive. She started a new venture in nail painting.

Irfan Pathan Safa Baig Marriage

Irfan Pathan and Safa Baig’s marriage was a surprising moment for most of their fans. They dated for two years before getting married. However, they did not keep their relationship open in front of others. At the time of their marriage, Safa was just 21 years old and Irfan was 31.  They married in the year 2016 at the Jeddah Trident Hotel.

The marriage was a private affair and they invited only a selected few people. Their fans got to know about the marriage after Irfan posted a picture with her on the Twitter handle. The two are very happy in their marriage. They also have a son who is a year old.

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