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How to earn in IPL from apps? Step by Step guide with screenshots

After a lot of delay, the 13th season of IPL is finally here. If you want to know how to earn in IPL keep reading the article and you can also understand the article with screenshots attached in each section.

With just a few days for dream 11 IPL 2020 to start the excitement is already in the air

This year dream 11 IPL will take place in UAE as it is the safest place to conduct IPL.

There are more than a hundred million fantasy sports users in India. And many of these users love to play fantasy sports leagues.

These fantasy sports websites allow users to earn cash prizes by sitting in their houses.

To grab this opportunity this year read about the following fantasy sports.

In this article you will explore:

(1) How to earn in IPL: Dream 11 APP
(2) Paytm First Games
(3) MPL or Mobile Premier League
(4) How to earn in IPL : 11 Wickets App
(5) My11 Circle
(6) BalleBazi
(7) How to earn in IPL from MyTeam 11
(8) HalaPlay
(9) FanFight

(1) How to earn in IPL: Dream 11 App

Playing dream 11 IPL is fairly simple. You can also play the practice sessions without money before you invest in the real game.

However, to participate in the game make sure that you are 18 + years old.

You can form different combinations with dream 11 players. Make sure that they are within the limit of 100 credits.

Follow the steps to start playing dream 11 IPL and earn money:


  • Visit the official site of dream 11 IPL and click on the register button on the top right side.
  • You can also download the dream 11 application and enter your details. Enter your details like name and email id manually.
  • After this enter your email id and select a password for your account. After this, you can start exploring the website.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old to participate in the competitions.
  • After this go to the My Account section and you can track your earnings and balance.
  • To transfer money from your wallet to the bank you need to verify your mobile number through an OTP.
  • You will also have to verify your PAN card number. Click and upload a picture of your PAN card.
  • It will take at least 7 days for the verification of your PAN card.
  • Once you verify your PAN card enter details of your bank account to withdraw money from your wallet.

Create your team

  • After your registration is complete login to your account and select any upcoming match that you want to play.
  • Make sure that before proceeding you know the particular game.
  • Now create a team with 100 credits. Select any game and click on the option ‘Create Team’ at the bottom left corner.
  • For your team, you will have to select one wicket-keeper, 3 to 5 batsmen, 1 to 3 all-rounders, and 3 to 5 bowlers within your budget.
  • After this select your Captain and Vice-Captain. Your captain in the game gets twice the actual scores and your Vice-captain gets 1.5 times the actual score.
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  • You can create as many as 5 teams. Also, you can participate in multiple contests with the selected teams.
  • You can either invest your money or participate in free matches.

Here are some Screenshots Attached for your help

How to earn in IPL
Create Team
Earn Cash in Wallet
How to earn in IPL 2020
etailed Steps

Note* These Screenshots are taken from the web and these are subject to copyrights of the original website, you can find dream11 website link in the Bottom section to earn money from dream11

IPL PREDICTIONCreate your team

(2) How to earn in IPL : Paytm First Games

  • Install the Paytm First Games App. Open Settings and turn on the “ Allow from this Source” to install the app.
  • Tap on the banner.
  • Select your favorite match.
  • Join a free or a paid contest. You can win amazing Paytm cash with either of the two.
  • After this create your fantasy team. Create your team of 11 players with a salary cap of 100 points.
  • After this select a Captain and Vice-Captain for your team.
  • Your Captain will give you 2x and Vice-Captain 1.5 x of the points scored by them in the real match. Therefore choose them wisely.
  • Now save your team. You can see your selected squad on one screen.
  • Now you can follow your match and enjoy your winnings.
  • See all the scores earned by you under the LIVE Tab.
  • Your score will be calculated based on your team’s performance in the real match.
  • Your winning will be directly credited to your Paytm wallet.
How to earn in IPL 2020

Note* These Screenshots are taken from the web and these are subject to copyrights of the original website, you can find Paytm website link in the Bottom section to earn money from Paytm

(3) MPL or Mobile Premier League

MPL is one of the best fantasy sports platforms after dream 11. You get to choose from 45 games available to you. You can also earn scratch cards and get bonuses.

Get a chance to chat with other users through the MPL platform. Follow the steps to play games on MPL.

Download the app

To start playing the game download the .apk file from the official site or the offciial android application.

Select your favorite game

After you have downloaded the application select your favorite game. MPL has a list of over ten games to play.

Join a tournament or battle one to one

After this either compete in one to one matches or join a tournament to play the matches.

Set a score

Set a score daily. Play the games that are available in the application. Submit the scores and win instant cash.

How to earn in IPL 2020

Note* These Screenshots are taken from the web and these are subject to copyrights of the original website, you can find mpl website link in the Bottom section to earn money from mpl

(4) 11 Wickets

11 Wickets is one of the most exciting fantasy cricket game platforms. What makes this better than other fantasy games is that you can select a player at the last moment.

This player will be called the reserved player or 12th man. Follow the steps to know how to earn money in IPL through 11 Wickets:

Select a Match of your choice:

  • Select a fantasy match of your choice. Participate in upcoming or ongoing matches.
  • Then click on the create team tab and select players within 100 credits.

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Create a team:

Create a team within a limit of 100 credits. Categorize the players according to the teams, credits, and points. Join the contest to win cash.

Select Captain and Vice-Captain

Select your Captain and Vice-Captain carefully. Your Captain will give you 2x scores and Vice-Captain 1.5x.

Create as many teams as possible

You can create a maximum of 6 teams per match. Enter the tournament with any of your teams.

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(5) My11 Circle

This platform has more than half a million users following. You can win up to Rs 1 crore with this platform.

Follow the steps below to earn money from My11 Circle:

Register Yourself:

Go to the official registration page of You can also download the My11 Cricket Fantasy Cricket App.

Register yourself through Facebook or Gmail.

Select a match of your choice:

Select your favorite match from the upcoming tournaments.

Form your team:

Form a team of maximum 7 players within the 100 credit system.

Participate in contests:

Participate in practice, cash or private contests of MyCricle 11.

Check the performance of the players:

Check and monitor the performances of the various players. See the team’s scores based on the points system.

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How to earn in IPL 2020
How to earn in IPL 2020

Note* These Screenshots are taken from the web and these are subject to copyrights of the original website, you can find mycircle11 website link in the Bottom section to earn money from mycircle11

(6) BalleBazi

BalleBazi gives you the best fantasy sports experience. You get a chance to win real cash prizes, gadgets, and amazing awards. It has a fan following of over 4 million.

Follow the steps below to understand how to earn in IPL from this app.

Register yourself:

  • Signup for a gaming account on Balle Bazzi. Download the apps of Balle Bazzi on your smartphones or iPhones.
  • Select the series you wish to play for. You can also choose from among Classic, Batting, or Bowling Fantasy variants.
  • You can either participate in cash leagues or practice sessions.
  • Choose your team of maximum 11 players(for Classic Fantasy) or 5 batsmen or bowlers(for Batting or Bowling Fantasy).
  • Submit your team once you are done.
  • You can see the points of the players under the ‘My Leagues’ tab.

Various Variants of Ballebaazi

There are three amazing formats on BalleBaazi to explore from. They are as follows:

Classic Fantasy:

  • In a classic fantasy, you choose a maximum of 11 players.
  • You also have to select a Captain and Vice-Captain for your team. Your Captain will give you 2x points and Vice-Captain will give you 1.5 x points.
  • You have a maximum credit of 100 points for your team selection of one fantasy game.

Bowling Fantasy:

  • In this game format, you will make a squad with the best bowlers. You need to include at least one strike bowler for your squad.
  • You can select up to five bowlers with up to 3 players for a team.
  • Your Captain will give you 2x points and Vice-Captain will give 1.5x points.
  • You will get 45 credits to form a team.

Batting Fantasy

This format is best for you if you like to play with only the best batsmen. You can create a team with the top 5 batsmen.

Focus on creating a balanced team. Read the following instructions to know how to earn in IPL:

  • You can select up to 5 batsmen for your batting squad.
  • Your Captain will give you 2x points and Vice-Captain will give you 1.5x points
  • You get a maximum of 45 credits for your team.

You should choose a squad of 3 to 5 batsmen and bowlers, one wicket-keeper, and up to 3 all-rounders.

Include a high performing Captain and Vice-Captain in your squad.

(7)How to earn in IPL from MyTeam 11

MyTeam 11 has a fan base of around 12 million players. You can win around 15 crores from this platform.

Increase your chances of winning by selecting your Captain and Vice-Captain who can give you 2x and 1.5 x scores.

Follow the steps below to play  MyTeam 11:

  • Select a match from the list of matches that you wish to play.
  • Form your own team by selecting different players with credit scores.
  • After choosing the players it is time for you to choose your Captain and Vice-Captain. You will get 2x points from your Captain and 1.5x scores from your Vice-Captain.
  • Play a maximum of 10 different leagues.
  • Join any league or contest and compete with other users who are playing MyTeam 11 game.
How to earn in IPL 2020


Halaplay allows you to participate in daily fantasy sports competitions. It has conducted around 5000 daily sports leagues.

You can win up to 10 lakhs per day on the app.

You can download the official app from the download link of the app. Follow the steps given to play HalaPlay:

  • Signup on the HalaPlay website by using your Google, Facebook, or Email Id.
  • Verify your details by giving your mobile number. You will get an OTP number for verification.
  • Select any upcoming match. Visit the lobby to see the ongoing matches.
  • You can also enter a referral code if you have any to earn a 100 Rs bonus.
  • Create your league and invite other friends to be a part of that league. See the score son the live leaderboard.
  • Select players and join leagues to win exciting prizes.
  • Make sure that you are 18+ years to play in the match. Also, have a valid email ID to play in the game.
  • Have a PAN CARD for verification processes. It helps you to verify your ID.
  • Have an account with any bank in India.
  • You should also have some cash in Paytm or PhonePe or a credit or a debit card with which you can load your cash.


Fan Fight has a following of over 4 million. You can win up to 50 lakhs per day with this platform. You can win extra cash on joining through referrals.

This extra cash will help you to join the paid contests. You can also participate in the Fan Fight quiz and challenge your opponents.

Test their sports knowledge and win exciting cash prizes.

Follow the steps below to play Fan Fight competition:

  • Pick a sport and start playing the game.
  • Make your team within the 100 credit system. Use your sports knowledge to form a team.
  • Join any contest to start making money. The fixtures have various cash contests that allow you to participate.
  • Track the scores of various fantasy players.
  • If your rank makes you win some cash then you can withdraw the cash immediately.
  • Create an 11 men team. You can pick a maximum of 5 batsmen, 5 bowlers, and 3 all-rounders.
  • Choose your Captain and Vice-Captain properly as they yield you the maximum points.

To get latest updates on dream 11 IPL, Today Match Prediction, Toss Prediction and dream 11 team formation stay tuned to our website.

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This article is about how you can use these apps to entertain yourself by winning a little amount from these apps.

All the steps are tried by our writers to ease use for the readers, the screenshots are attached to help users get knowledge about these apps and websites.

The screenshots do not intend that you can also do the same so play responsibly, we do not encourage our users to go for betting or any other illegal things on the internet.

Stay Safe Stay home, Happy earning

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